hello, my dear readers, it’s been a long time since I posted an article to make things easy for you. But no worries, I am here with an amazing topic, how to start a blog like a pro without any money at all. So let the tutorial begin.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free



First, Let’s Make A List of What We Need To Start A Blog In 2019

  • A Creative Mind 
  • A free Hosting With 0 issues
  • A beautiful Pro Theme
  • A  Seo Friendly Domain Name
  • Pro Bloggers Techniques

A Creative Mind  (#1)

So what’s the big deal with a creative mind? well, let me remind you this is 2019, and you, of course, need to be a creative person in any niche you like, because of the competition. no ones like a copy pasted shit. and obviously, Google will not rank anyone with a stolen blog post.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

I know everybody likes something and what can be a better topic then what you like. First, you need to know that you create your blog over one specific topic because Google gives priority to websites that based on a single topic. I mean if you are writing about tech then do not publish any blog post about entertainment.

And I know that no one knows everything so, do some research on the internet about that topic and highlight their points, get ideas, but please do not think that about rewriting anybody’s blog post, it will not help trust me. The most important fact is you need to satisfy your reader with the most relevant information. Trust yourself that if your competitor wrote a blog post highlighting 10 points, then you can do better, make that blog post 40 relevant points and destroy them.

A free Hosting With 0 issues

Web How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

Alpha Stock Images – http://alphastockimages.com/

Today I am talking about free stuff so I am being honest with you that it’s not the best hosting but its certainly, not the worst. If you have money the go for the Bluehost. it’s the best hosting in my opinion, but if you need a free hosting with 100% uptime it’s blogger.com trust me. you will not get huge features like WordPress but you will have everything you required to start a Pro blog.

Now I Am showing Step By Step process how to create a blog with google.


  1.  Go To blogger.com and click on create your blog button

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

2. Now sign up with your Google account and a new page will appear

3. Now choose a title for your blog

I suggest you,  choose a blog name that related to the topic which you will be writing in this blog. After that write the same name in the address bar, if it’s not available then you can try to add some numbers after your blog name. Then just click on the create blog button. And Your blog is now created, Now you just have to fix some settings For Seo.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

4. Now first go to Settings> Basic from the left side, and click on the edit button beside the description and now you just have to explain what this blog about. Just Say what this blog about and how it can help the readers.  After that click on the save changes.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

5. Click On the Search preferences from the left, like in this picture and go to the meta tag description, click on edit, here give a short summary of what is your site about, and you are done with the settings.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

6. Hey, now you are ready to start writing your first blog post, just goto post from the left section and click on the new post button.How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

7. Here you can start writing your blog post without any problem.

A Beautiful Pro Theme (#2)

we are in blogger so their ready-made themes are now kind of sucks and do not have a professional look. So you should start using custom blogger templates, there are lots of free custom bloggers templates out there but choose only responsive templets. I tried many templates in the past and I have a favorite template. and it looks like a pro-Wordpress theme. its  called Helio

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

You can view this theme demo Here: Live Demo

Now if you like this template, here is the good news, you can use this template for free.  To download this template follow these steps

First, download this template from here: Free Download

then you will redirect to this page and now just click on the free download button, a zip file will download.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

extract the zip file and click on the documentation file, and here you will find the instructions on how to install this template.

A  Seo Friendly Domain Name

Finding a domain name is not so easy at all, because first if you have a name in your mind, and you check that domain name and you find out it’s been taken. Also if it’s not taken how do you know if its Seo friendly or not.Think about a domain name that is relevant to your blog’s topics and within 6-10 characters. Remind a smaller domain name with relevant keyword is a good SEO friendly domain name. And a good domain name sure helps to rank better in google.

Heres the thing, you do not need any domain name to start blogging in blogger.com, you can use blogger subdomain as your website address,  but you need a top-level domain to rank in google. And top-level domains like .com | .net | .co | .in  is not free, but if you pay a little money and keep the good work you will earn lots of money in no time.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

Don’t use any free low-level domains like .tk   |  .gq | .ml etc. It will affect your SEO badly and even Adsense will not approve. .com domain is the best domain extension for SEO, so if you planning to purchase a domain then go for a .com domain.

There is lots of domain seller out there with different prices, but you can find the cheapest and the most trusted domain seller is Bigrock and go daddy. I personally like  Big Rock because the .com domain is  399rs. if you live in India, and they accept variant paying methods, Godaddy is also good but they have some issues with accepting different paying methods, but they both super easy to use.

Get A .COM @ Rs.399 For 1 Year | Now

Pro Bloggers Techniques (#3 important)

If you want your blog to be a pro, you need to write good content which people can appreciate, write your posts from a reader point of view, write your blog with easy words. The title of a blog post is the most important part, which all new bloggers don’t pay attention.  Make sure all your blog posts have a catchy title. If you want to rank on google then make sure your title of the blog post attracts peoples attention and they click it.

These are the few steps that you should follow to become a Pro Blogger

  • Amazing Content Ideas
  • Good Quality blog posts
  • Promoting your content
  • Engage with People and create a Network

Amazing Content Ideas

It does not matter that if you are a new blogger or old, one day you are going to out of ideas or out of topic, So what will you do that time? should you wait for new ideas to pop up? well, the answer is simple. If You don’t publish blog posts continuously I mean if you wait like 20 or 30 days, Google will think that you are not serious about your blog. As a result, you will lose your ranking in google. So what to do now?

  • Trending Topics

Have you heard of google trends? if you don’t, google gives us a free tool to see what topic is trending on Google. what you have to do now is go to google trends and first choose your country and search for the niche that your writing in your blog and see which blog posts are in the top, read that blog post and create a better version of that blog post. Always write a blog post from readers points of view. So every reader will like it.

  • Competitors Content

There is a saying, Know your enemy. Well, this is not a war of borders but this is a war of course. If you can’t see the war between you and your competitors then you will never be able to be the best, you will never rank no1 on google.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

what I mean by war is give people the best possible information than any other websites, because, It’s the aim of Google search itself, there will be thousands of updates in Google’s algorithm in future but their aim will be to give people the best information, so make that aim your aim too, you don’t need to create hundreds of backlinks to rank in google just make a blog post that you sure that people will share and people will start writing about you and they will give you backlinks and you don’t even need to ask them.

You need to always check your competitor’s blogs,  find some blogs that rank well on google and make sure they write about the same topics as you. Remember Knowledge is everything so Start following their blogs when you lack ideas, select a good blog post from their blogs and write that blog posts better version, by researching on the internet.

Here’s many peoples think that they don’t have enough knowledge about it so they cancel that topic, Always remember that no one born as a genius, it’s their will power that makes them. So the question is do you have enough will power to write something that you don’t have knowledge about? and why are you fooling yourself when you have internet connections? The Internet is filled with knowledge. you just have to find it.

  •    Youtube Videos

Yes, my dear fellows, youtube videos are the easiest ways to find great content ideas. Heres how, this 2019 and almost everyone has a smartphone. And we all love to watch funny videos on youtube but have you think to make that app to find content ideas? if you don’t start trying it now. subscribe at least 10 or 20 channels that fall under your blog’s topic. I am saying at least 10 to 201 channels because there are lots of youtuber available these days. and most of them talking about the same thing over and over, so if you subscribe at least 20 channels with the same topic, I am sure you will get some amazing content ideas.

  • Old Fashion Way

There is another way of finding the content ideas, and it’s old fashioned of course. if you have some money to spare then don’t buy a burger or pizza, go purchase some magazines or newspapers or even books with the same category as your blog.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

I know it’s a pretty boring way. But it’s not the worst because reading books and magazines can open a new way of thinking, I am not telling this, it’s scientifically proven. So go to the library and use your extra time to research. And I am 100% sure it will worth your time. because you have to win this war remember. Ha Ha Ha just kidding.

Good Quality blog posts

Well, you might be thinking what makes the quality of a blog post good? The answer is everything. From top to bottom blog post is have to be the best, Because of the huge competition today everyone talks about the same topics. So why are you so special? that is the question you have to ask yourself. And the answer should be my blog posts are more relevant, easy to follow, have more points than any other blog post and most importantly it will help my readers 100%, and they will find everything in this blog post what they are looking for.

  • Catchy Headlines

There is Saying In India ” Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai”. It means what can be seen can be sold. And we all know that impression is the most important thing so if you want to rank in google you should start thinking like a pro. Because headlines are the first thing people will notice and if your headlines are weak, nobody will click on them so what’s the point of making a good quality blog post? Every media company spends hours to think about the title and when they came up with at least 20 titles, but only one of them will be selected. Most of the new bloggers forgot to pay attention to the title, that’s why even they make a good quality blog post, no one comes to read it.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

How To make a Catchy Headline?

If you are a blogger for a long time you know all this right? but do you know how you can make your headlines more attracting? well, its very simple. Its all about human psychology. we are attracted to something that is mysterious “like 10 Crazy ideas That made teenagers billionaires”. Add numbers to your title Like “21 Ways To lose all body fats without exercise “. phrases like

  •  quick
  • fast
  • Flash
  • No time
  • in 1 or 2 minutes

attracts peoples attention.

there are some phrases that really works to describe readers problems like

  • Effortless
  • Painstaking
  • Fun
  • Free
  • Incredible
  • Essential
  • Absolute
  • Strange

phrases like below describe readers solutions, it suggests they found their desired answer.

  • Reasons
  • Principles
  • Facts
  • Lessons
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Secrets
  • Tricks

Just make sure you use the phrases into your headlines and I am 100% sure people will click your titles.

  • Easy To Follow Post

Here I am not only talking about an easy to follow blog posts only for readers but also for search engines. So how you can do it?

Make All Your Headlines Accordingly

well, it’s easy if you are in WordPress, but if you are on blogger it’s a little tough, but not so much. If you are in blogger you will find there only three option in blogger: Headings, subheadings, and minor headings.  The title of the blogger is referred to as H1 or Heading1, and headings referred to as H2. Minor headings referred to as H3. But in WordPress, there are 6 Headlines (Heading 1 -Heading6). But no worries to make additional headlines in blogger or even in WordPress go to the text editor for WordPress and go to HTML editor for blogger. And select the line you want to make an additional headline, add this before and after the headline.

<h4> Your headline here </h4>

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

I choose h4 as an example you can add h5,h6,h7,h8 but make the headings accordingly. like after heading 1comes heading 2, and if there is a subheading in heading2. make that heading 3. And if you got a subheading in heading 3, make that heading 4 and that’s it.   this way google and readers will find your blog post easy to follow.

  • Use More Images

So you don’t want to get border your visitors while they reading your post so use images to keep their attention. The best way to use the image in a post by using images after each important headlines. In that way, people will get more interested to read that paragraph. So now that you understand the questions is where can I find copyright free images to use in my blog posts? well there is 2 giant website there for you with lots of free images just go to pixabay and pexals 

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for freeNow that you find a free source to get images, you can use this trick for on page SEO. Just click on picture go to properties, if you are in blogger. And click on the edit button, if you are on WordPress. type an alt text which is your main focused keyword for the blog post. do this for all your images.

  • Writing Style

Oh yes, there is writing style already. its a good point that how you write. Remember not everybody is genius so if you write with too complex words that people have to search its meaning in google first then you, my dear will lose your reader eventually. So choose your words wisely, no complex word means no issue to read at all. And I don’t know why people keep forgetting that you are writing a blog not a newspaper with a robotic language. Make your writing style as if you are chatting with someone. If you are writing a tutorial on how to, don’t think your self as a strict teacher. think your self as a good friend telling another friend how to do that stuff properly, because you have experience with it. that’s all.

  • Keywords Implanting And Seo Trick

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

You know this is 2019 and if you don’t have a keyword strategy you will never get any traffic at all, first, you need to know how you can find the right keywords for your blog post. The best way to finding keywords is Aherf, but today I am only talking about free stuff so you can use Ubersuggest and google ads keyword explorer. I recommend you to use Ubersuggest, Its a best free tool for finding keywords, go to ubersuggest and type a keyword like if your writing about how to lose weight, type that in the search box and enter.

Visit: Ubersuggest

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

now you will see how many people searched that Term in google and SEO difficulty of that term. Lower the SEO difficulty means a better chance of ranking for that terms. Now go to keywords ideas from the left section now you have to find the words that seo difficulty is lower then 15  and search volume is high, like above in the picture.  Now that you finally find the right keywords start implementing them into your blog post.

  • How To Implement Keywords Into The blog post Correctly?

It’s simple, first make some headlines for those keywords and describe those words in the paragraph. Just make sure you use those keywords over and over, but it has to look like normal or else readers will find that annoying. if you manage implement  4 % keywords of your total words. it will be the best. like you wrote a blog post of 1000 words then you have to use your keywords 40 times. and don’t forget the alt text for images, use it to implement keywords.

Promoting Your Content (#4)

you need to follow the 80, 20 principles when it comes to blogging. Put 20% effort into writing a blog post and 80% to promoting. There are lots of ways to promote a blog, here’s few of themHow To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

  • Social Media

when I first started blogging I thought that I just have to create good content and submit it to google and google will give me traffic. But it turns out nobody came not even a single visitor until I shared my content to social media. I am telling you guys the best promoting option you have without spending money is Social media platforms. We all have an account in facebook right?  but only sharing your blog posts on Facebook is not gonna effect so much. You need to create accounts in all social media you heard of like Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. Create accounts in all of them and most importantly do not spam. Do not post links in comments, Do not share your blog post too much.

  • Answer To getting Trafic

Have you heard of the name quora? Quora is a platform for everybody to ask any question and people will answer their queries. but do you know that you can get huge traffic from Quora? I know because I personally got lots of traffic from it. here how.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

First, go to quora.com and signup. Now search for some topics that you are writing about and follow them. When you see a question that related to your any blog post just answer them with your own words and create a backlink saying read more. If people find your answer interesting they will click that link to read more about it. And make sure you add some pictures when you write an answer. that will attract people.

  • External Trafic Source

Getting traffic from external resources is hard. But you should do it continuously when you publish a blog post you copy that URL and create a short version of that post I mean copy some info and paste it to external sites. And I am pretty sure if you have a good blog post people will come to see your posts

  1. Flipboard
  2. Mix.com
  3. Medium

What you have to do is sign up in these sites and copy and paste a quarter of your blog post and create a read more backlink to your website. But in the Flipboard.com you just need to paste your link and that’s all.

  • Make Youtube Videos

today making videos for youtube is very easy Because you got a smartphone in your hand. You don’t have to edit videos for hours in Premiere Pro, You can do it with easy apps like kine master for android. My point is you should start making videos, that will help your blog a lot to grow.  Make a good quality video that helps people find what they are looking for, And makes videos with the same topic as your blog posts. And embed those videos into your blog posts. Don’t forget to create backlinks in video descriptions.


  • Use Web Push Notification And collect Emails

what could be the best ways to gain traffic then repeated visitors. When you make a good quality post people will love it. But if you don’t use a free service like One signal you will lose the visitors who already like your blog. go to onesignal.com and sign up for free. and add web push notification service to your blog. So when you publish a post, everyone who subscribed will get a notification from your blog. And they will come to see that post.

Now, do you know that there is an amazing free website that will help you to collect emails? I am talking about Hellobar, there is lots of option in Hellobar, lots of ways to collect emails. like pop up, full page form, slide, and etc. Gettings emails will help you to grow your network, It will help you to gain visitors. So start using an email collecting website today.

  • Make Deals with youtubers

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

There are lots of YouTubers out there who only make videos and don’t blog. find out some YouTubers like this and contact them. say them that you have a blog post in your blog and they got a video over the same topic and if they give you a backlink on that video, you will give them a backlink too. most of them will agree to your proposal and you will get traffic from it.


Engage with People and create a Network (#5)

  • How To Engage With People?

By engaging with people I don’t mean to chat with them for hours when you sharing your content in social media and people comment on your posts reply them with few words even if they just say nice or good. Say them that you appreciate that they find it helpful. It’s a psychological trick that when you engage more with the people most likely they will remember you. And if you are nice then any other seller everyone will buy from you. of course your product has to be good quality first. So you get it.

How To Start A Professional Blog In 2019 for free

  • Make Groups And Start Sharing

I know most of you guys joined in groups in social media, Its time for you to create a group of your own. After making a group, invite all your friends in the group and start sharing not only your blog’s content but also some other things like memes, jokes, and quotes, motivational speeches, videos. So new people can enjoy it and. Tell them to share their favorite things, And ask them to invite their friends to this group. This way you will have a huge group and Most Importantly share something concisely so it will stay active.

  • Answer The Queries

If someone asks you something always try to answer everyone. And I am not only talking about comments on your blog, Try answering questions on social media, and I already told you about Quora, It helps to drive traffic to your site, But when starting answering questions in quora, people will request your answer. Just try to answer them even if it does not help you to get more traffic.

There is so much more to learn. I just shared a few useful methods on how to start a professional blog. If you like this topic then please let me know in comments.




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