Emergency or not, when a mobile’s battery runs out we never waste a second to plug the charger. That’s how precious our mobiles to us. Not to mention how annoying it is to charge a mobile more than twice a day. That’s why I am showing you some system tweaks and tips to save your android battery power.

Mobile’s battery runs out on the fact that how much capacity it has and how you use it. you can’t do anything to increase the capacity but you can change how you use your device to extend battery life.

So first you learn about

 System Tweaks & Tips To Save BatteryPower On Android

I am using Samsung’s Android device to show you, so maybe a few settings will not be the same on other brands but almost every android device has similar features.

1.) Display Tweaks

Your android device’s display is a giant monster when it comes to sucking the battery power. The display drains most of the battery than any other apps. There are two main types of display every company uses in their android phones,  IPS display, and AMOLED display.


And if you have an AMOLED display android phone then you can save more battery power the IPS display phones, because whenever you see a black image,

that area of your display is inactive. So the first modification you should make is, change your wallpaper and lock screen background image to a pure black image. and if your mobile has dark mode then activate it.

And for IPS display phones a black wallpaper

may not save that much battery like AMOLED because its pixels always stay active on any color.but use a dull wallpaper, rather than a bright image.

Display  Settings

The first thing you need to change is the brightness. If you always use full brightness all time your battery will drain lots faster. When you are in the sunlight or at home always change it to minimum brightness that is enough to see clearly.

Then, turn off the screensaver, if you use it. and change screen time out settings to 10/15 seconds. If you use an auto-brightness feature then turn it off. Change brightness manually, when you use this feature a sensor always stays active and drains the battery.

2.) Lock Settings Tweaks

You guys use biometrics lock on your device right? and thought your phone is secure and no one can access your device without your permission. You are so wrong simple tricks like using your fingerprints when you sleep and showing your picture to cheat face unlock can give anyone access to your device.

don’t get me wrong I am not saying these features are useless.  but your old fashioned pin and password protection is not only 10 times more secure but it also saves your phone’s battery power significantly.

When you use biometrics locks, these features always run In the background, even when you are not using your phone and continue to drain the battery. Disable features as fingerprint and face unlock.

3.) App Management

I have seen many people using apps that they don’t use. Many unnecessary apps come pre-installed when you purchase a new android phone. And many apps not only drains the battery but it can also theft your personal info.

You may think that your personal info doesn’t hold much value but in the wrong hands, hackers can use it to steal money from your bank account. So choose what apps you use most and uninstall any other app from your phone.

If you have video watching apps like youtube, Facebook then goes to settings and turn off the autoplay feature. Since it does not only consumes huge data but also uses more CPU processing power which results in draining the battery.

There are few apps that you can’t uninstall because it’s attached to the system but in emergencies you can disable these apps to save battery. like Google, youtube Facebook, etc.

4.) Use Developer Options

This is a hidden feature of every android phone. It’s hidden because if you use these options carelessly your phone could be unstable. But in this developer’s menu, you can control and customize your android more.

First, you need to reveal this option by going into your mobile settings >> about, then find the “Build Number” and tap on it continuously until it says “Now you are a Developer”

After that go to settings, and you will find a new setting called the developer options. open that setting and go to the APPS section, Here you will find a setting named “Background Process Limit” change that settings to 1 or No background process. If you are in an emergency, change that to “No Background process”. otherwise, select 1.

Also, you can turn on “Don’t Keep Activities” option, if you do that when you leave an app that app’s activity will not hold in Ram and that could save your battery power and memory, but it also can be annoying when you want to run an app in the background while running another app in the foreground. So in that case, don’t turn on that feature

5.) Network Tweaks

Well, these tweaks depend on different situations, In normal condition, if you want to just last your android’s battery longer change your phone’s network from 4G to  2G if your sim card operator supports 2G. And do this tweak if you are not using your Internet from your sim card, otherwise, you will face slow speed internet.

In another scenario, if you have wifi and just want to use that for the internet and not expecting any calls and messages. then turn on the flight mode, it will disable your sim cards network and save a significant amount of battery power.

6.) Turn Off Services

Our smartphone has few features that can continuously drain the battery even when you are not using your device if you turned on that services. The main service that most of us use is Google Maps, to find locations and roots to different places.

But after using google map or related apps that need your location, many of us forget to turn off the GPS, which continuously drains the battery. So always turn off the GPS/ location service after you use it. And like Gps never forget to turn off Bluetooth, and wifi, auto-rotation after using it.

Another service is always on By default is “Sync”, you can find this option in the notification panel. It’s a service that updates information to apps every day

. If you use Gmail too much then this service is useful to you don’t turn it off. But if you don’t care that much about emails then turn off this option to save battery power of your android device.

Also if you use any kind of apps that runs on a schedule, that suck battery, because it runs on background so turn that off the schedule feature of that app to save power.

7.) Naver Use Third-Party Battery Savers

When I brought my first android device I am so excited to installed all kinds of new apps from Playstore and like many different apps, I tried almost every battery saver and fast-changing applications to save more battery. But all those apps have is just fancy animations, no third party app can save battery power or extend its life. Instead, these apps can drain your android’s battery even more, as they continuously run on background.

Well, I am not saying all of those apps are useless because if you rooted your phone, some rooted app definitely can save more battery. and as you know root is risky and without roots functionality Third-party battery saver will just drain more battery

6.) Use Inbuilt Battery Saving Functions

Now almost every android phone has a battery saving mode, if you use that mode you will be limited to some basic apps and it will optimize some settings automatically to save battery power on android. And these modes are useful when you are not using your phone.  I use this mode whenever I travel without a charger. And it works fine to save battery.


Other then this power-saving mode some phones have special features to save more battery like, I am using a Samsung device that runs on Android 10 and I don’t know about all phones but Samsung’s Android 9.0 phones also have this feature. Its called “Put To Sleep”. You can find this option in Settipngs>>Device Care>>Battery>>App power management. open these settings and add all apps. This feature stops unused apps to run in the background. which results in saving more power.

7.) Remove Games

games drain more battery than any regular app (except video editing apps). Playing games is fun and it’s a good way to pass your free time, but I  reviewed many people, they have at least 10 games installed but they spend their time in only 1 or 2 games and they play other games like once in a week or something. in my opinion, the maximum 2 games you like is fine but if you installing games that you don’t play much is always drains battery from the background.

8.) Backup Apps

We all have a few apps that we don’t use every day but these apps are useful like photo/video editor, file-sharing app, etc. And installing these apps can drain the battery when you are not using these apps. So the best way is to install them when you need them and after that uninstall it.

But installing every time requires data, unless you have an unlimited data plan this is a problem. and the solution is Backup. Backup the app in your internal storage or SD card storage and install whenever you need it. There is an app called super backup that can be really helpful with this task.

and also with this app you can create a backup of its own file so that means after backing up all the apps you can uninstall this app.


If you follow all the tweaks and tips I mentioned your Android phone’s battery life will extend to 30-40% then usual. But saving more battery requires not using it continuously. Don’t use your device all the time it also can affect your eye.

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