Hey guys, welcome to Donlinepost, where you make everything easy for you. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can make a youtube channel easily and start earning money from it, in a step by step process. So let’s begin.

How To Make A Youtube Channel And Start Earning Money ( Pro Setup)

I am going to show you not only how you can make a youtube channel but also I am going to show you some unique tricks that pro YouTubers use to give your channel a completely professional look.

How To Make A Youtube Channel And Start Earning Money

setting up youtube


Make A Youtube Channel

Creating a channel is the easy part if you follow my instructions correctly. To make a youtube channel you need to have a google account. It’s the digital age so I assume most of you all have a google account, so I am skipping the part how to make a google account, if you don’t have one then don’t worry just click here: How to create a google account.

If you want to make a channel with your name then You can skip step 1 and step 2.


Step 1: Find A unique Youtube Channel Name

Today there are lots of YouTubers out there, making awesome videos. So if you choose a channel name in your mind, that name might be already taken. And if you use the same name then when people searching for your channel name they might not find you. So the question is how to find a unique name easily?

How To find a unique channel name for youtube

Find A Unique channel Name for youtube

To find a name that not only unique to youtube but also unique to all social media. we need a free web tool.namechhecker. To check if your selected channel name is available on youtube and other social media platforms go to namechk.com.

and type your channel name a and click on the search button. Now if the color is green in every social media and youtube then your name is unique. But before finally making up your mind I suggest you use a channel name that related to your channel topic. like if you making funny videos then your channel name should be like “FunnyBuddy, FunMedia, etc.”.

Step 2: Setting up the Youtube brand Account

So now you have a unique name for your channel. So let’s create a brand account for youtube with that name.

  • First Go to youtube.com and sign in with your Google account. Then click on the avatar icon from the top right corner like in the picture below.
How To Make A Youtube Channel And Start Earning Money

youtube screenshot

How To Create A new youtube channel

Create A new youtube channel

  • Now a new page will appear. just click on  “create new channel”
Create A new youtube channel

Creating new youtube channel button

  • Here you need to type your desired channel name. And click on the create button.
Create A new youtube channel

Create a brand account for youtube

  • And finally, you have created a youtube channel successfully.

Step 3: Fully Customize Your Youtube Channel

To give your youtube channel a professional look, you need to fill all the details in your youtube channel. And you have to make a beautiful profile picture and channel arts. And most importantly when you Upload videos on youtube, you have to create custom thumbnails to attract viewers. So I am going to show you all these steps and some free tools that can help you to customize your channel.

How To Create An Amazing Youtube channel Logo  And Channel Art?

To make your channel more attractive, you need to design a beautiful logo. So how can you design a logo without any experience? It’s simple there are lots of online free designing tools out there, but most of them will give you a watermark, which looks unprofessional. But if you use canva.com.

How To Make youtibe channel art

Canva Website

you can create an amazing logo. You can choose their default template and edit it with your channel name or you can create your own logo design and also channel art for free.

  • So to make a youtube channel logo or channel art, first, go to canva.com and signup with your Google or Facebook account
How To Make youtibe channel art

Create beautiful designs in canva

  • And then search for  “logo” or “youtube channel art” and click on the result.


  • Here a new page will load. And in the left section you will find the ready-made templates, just choose one which you like and edit. Or you can create a new design. After finish editing, download your design from the top right corner.

Filling up All The Details

So we now have a beautiful logo and beautiful channel art. Its time to filling up all the details.


  • So go to youtube and click on the channel logo from the top right corner, then click your channel


  • Here you will find a big customize channel button. Click on it. now its time to upload those youtube channel logo and channel art from here. Then click on about.
How To Make A Youtube Channel And Start Earning Money

youtube customize channel button

  • now you have to fill up all the details. First, click on the channel description and write some words whats your channel about.

    How To Customize your youtube channel

    Add your youtube Profile picture and channel art

  • then add an email address, select your country. then click on the links button. Now if you already have social media accounts and pages then add their links.
How To Customize your youtube channel

youtube channel about Page

  • so you finally filled up done 80 percent details. now go to the creator studio from the top right corner and then go to channels from the left section. and click on the verify button. just give for the phone number and verify it with otp.
How To verify your youtube account

verify your youtube account

  • After verifying your channel, click on advance from the left section. here you need to select your country and type some keywords for your channel. You can type your channel name and the categories of your videos. then click on save to save changes.
verify your youtube account

choose your country for your channel

wow, now your channel is finally ready to serve awesome videos.


Step 4: How To properly Upload Youtube videos

Most of the new youtubers think that. They just need to make, edit and upload videos and thousands of people will come and watch. But that’s not the case, even you make an awesome and unique video, that doesn’t mean you will get views. So what to do then?

To properly upload video, go to youtube and click on the camcorder icon from the top right corner and hit the upload video button.

How To properly Upload Youtube videos

youtube video upload button

Here you can upload your video. But before you Upload,  first, choose the private option. until you make all the changes.

How To properly Upload Youtube videos

upload your youtube video here

When the video is uploaded. go to the creator studio and then go to the video manager. Not click on the edit button which you just uploaded

Here you have to edit the title and description and add tags. and select categories. then changes the option to private to public. and save changes.

How To properly Upload Youtube videos

Add youtube video title, description, tags

That’s it. that’s the proper way to upload the youtube videos.

Step 5: How To Add Right Tags For Your youtube  Video

To reach your video to more new people and gain more subscribers. you need to choose correct tags. Make sure you choose a tag that has a high search volume and low competition.

And Tubebuddy can help you to find the right keywords also it’s free. So go to tubebuddy.com and add tube buddy chrome of firefox extension.to your browser.

Add Right Tags For Your youtube  Video

install tube buddy for chrome

When its added to your browser, go to youtube and sign up Tubebuddy with your youtube account. Now if you go to video manager and edit your video you will find there is a new option to explore keywords.

Add Right Tags For Your youtube  Video

explore tags in tub buddy

Search your keywords here.


Step 6: How To Get More Views?

So you are making some amazing videos, but people don’t come to watch your videos? No worries Just do as I say and you will get lots of viewers.

  • Viral Your Content On Social Media

“Jo dikkhta hai woh bik ta hai” means any Product that can be seen can be sold. So if you just started your youtube channel. Youtube will not recommend your videos to users instantly. You need to continue making videos, in the meantime, if you don’t show people that you have a youtube channel, then no one gonna come.

Viral Your youtube video On Social Media

Share your video URL in social media

If you can’t share your videos on social media, then don’t hope that anybody will share your content. Of course, you need to make good content first, that people do not hesitate to share. If you don’t have accounts on all popular social media, then create an account in all of them. I know most of us only use facebook, but if you want to get more views to create a profile on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn. And start sharing your videos. Remember if you are making better videos then your competitors then people will start sharing your videos and your videos will go viral in no time.

  • Attract Viewers By Design

Now, this the most important part to gain viewers. We all know that the first impression is the best impression, but here on youtube, the first impression is the thumbnail. Many new YouTubers don’t pay attention to it. And most of them don’t even use a custom thumbnail. Let me ask you something will you ever click on a boring thumbnail, that does not look interesting? if you do then let me know in comments.

How to get more youtube views

create attractive video thumbnails for youtube

It is human psychology. That we pay attention to those which looks interesting, rare, mysterious, unknown things. So you need to create a thumbnail that not only looks interesting but also create a query in the readers’ mind. You need to create a thumbnail, that viewers think that, it will solve all his queries.

So to create a custom thumbnail for free you can use Canva. Just go to canva.com and search for youtube thumbnail and make an attractive thumbnail.

 youtube thumbnail

youtube thumbNail

To make a thumbnail more attractive use few words, but those few words have to be specific and it has to create a question in the reader’s mind. And always use shocking and mysterious images to make a thumbnail.  Use a red circle or red arrow to point something.

And next time when you scroll on your youtube app notice thumbnails design. That will give you some great ideas.

  • Use Free Tools Offered By Youtube

to get more views on youtube. you need to link all your videos. So if only one of your video goes viral then people can watch more your videos through that video. To link any video can put your related videos URL in the description box, or you can use cards and end screens.

How to get more youtube views

Use cards and end screens in youtube videos

To use them go to the creator studio, then video manager and click on the edit button. on the top menu, you will find cards and end screens. Use them to link your other videos.

Step 7: Turn All Your Viewers To Subscribers

To turn all your viewers into subscribers, follow these carefully. And I am sure  70 out of 100 viewers will subscribe.

How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

  • Video Quality

So now your videos started to get views. but most of them just watching your videos and exit. So why they are not hitting the subscribe button. One of the common reasons is they expect your video to be better. So the first thing you need to do that try to find out what’s wrong with your content and try to make better videos. Make sure your audio quality is high and if you are shooting outside try to avoid shaking your camera. And if you are making animation videos then try to make things smooth and clear.

What Is The Best Video Export Settings For Youtube?

These video upload settings are recommended by youtube. If you export videos with these settings, youtube can encode your video easily. And it might help you to grow your channel.

How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

best video export settings for youtube

Framerate: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 (These are the most common framerate) but 24 is best for cinematic videos. and 30 is popular.

Video Codec: H.264

Container: MP4

Audio Codec: AAC-LC


2160p (4k)35-45 Mbps53-68 Mbps
1440p (2k)16 Mbps24 Mbps
1080p8 Mbps12 Mbps
720p5 Mbps7.5 Mbps
480p2.5 Mbps4 Mbps
360p1 Mbps1.5 Mbps


  • Why Should I Subscribe Your Channel?

Yes, this is the most important question. Why they subscribe to your channel. because of competition.If you don’t do something unique and creative why they subscribe to your channel? And if you are thinking that you are do ing grate then your competitors, then I am sure you will get some really good comments. But if nobody comments on your videos just watching them, then you need to create better videos.

But if you are getting good comments but not gaining subscribers then you need to say in your videos that why should they subscribe to your channel. What’s unique about your videos and how people will find it helpful. And always use outro subscribe templates.

  • Create playlists

If you have too many related videos, make sure you create a playlist on that topic. If people like that topic then I am sure they will visit your channel to see if there are more videos available on that topic.  if you already created a playlist on that topic then it will be easy for them to find and watch.

  • One Catagory

If you are making videos on tech, don’t upload a funny video on the same channel. Because people will be confused if you upload videos of different categories. And no one will subscribe to your channel. But if you making videos over a single category, then not only your viewers will subscribe, but also youtube algorithm will also give you a priority and suggest your videos to others.


Start Earning Money From Youtube channel

there are lots of different ways to earn money on youtube. Most of us just know that monetization is the only way to earn money from youtube. But there are lots of ways of earning money on youtube.

start earning money from youtube

start earning money from youtube

Ads And Monetization

you can monetize your videos on youtube. When you turn on monetization on your videos, people will watch ads on your videos and you will get money. This is the easiest way to earn money from youtube. But you will need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within 1 year. But don’t worry if you are making good content continuously then I am sure you will need a maximum of 2 or 4 months to complete that challenge. after that just go to the creator studio then channel.

start earning money from youtube

Enable monetization on youtube

here you will find monetization option. Click on Enable. After that click on start. now you have to sign up for Adsense. then youtube will review your channel.

start earning money from youtube

Start monetizing youtube videos

If you followed all their terms then your monetization will be enabled in 1 or 2 weeks.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also sell any product or service on youtube as an affiliate. And if you successfully sell something then you will get a commission. There are some giant companies that allow you to sign up as their affiliate for free. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc. Go to their affiliate programs and sign up. Pick up a good product and they will generate a unique link. If anyone buys that product from your link, then you will get a commission.

So to use that link in your youtube video, when you making your videos just say some few words about that product and put that unique link in the description. So join as an affiliate, if you want to earn more money.


If your channel grows at least 10k subscribers then agents of some companies will start to contact you to promote their product for a good amount of money. So make deal with them and promote their product or service in your video, but make sure that doesn’t bore your viewers so use your brain and promote that product as if its a part of your video.

if you don’t get any emails for sponsorship then go to Famebit and signup with your youtube account.

Maintain Your Youtube Channel


To become a professional YouTuber, you need to maintain your youtube channel. Remember that quality is most important the quantity. It does not matter that if you just publish only one video a week. But the quality of your videos should be good. And I am not only talking about only picture an nd audio quality. Your videos should be specific and you should not want to bore your viewers by talking something off the topic.

Maintain your youtube channel

Maintain your youtube channel and upload videos regularly

How Long Should Your Videos Be?

First of all, nobody likes a long video, if it’s not a movie. Smaller videos with useful information are the best. You need to create videos with a length of 7 to 15 minutes. If you create small length videos then your viewers will watch it till the end. So youtube will suggest your videos more if everyone watches your videos till the end.

How often should you upload to YouTube?

For the new channels, you need to create more videos. So two videos a week is best. You can create more than its good, but make sure you create good quality videos. The most important thing in youtube is You need to continue to upload videos. Then your channel will grow. you need to upload your videos at the same time.

How often should you upload to YouTube?

How often should you upload to YouTube?

Go to your channel analytics and find when your videos get more view. Like if your videos get more views at 8 p.m the always upload your videos at 7.30 p.m. Upload your video on the same days. Like if you upload videos twice a week, upload videos every  Sunday and Thursday. And always tell people, the time when they find new videos on your channel.

What To Do If You Get A Copyrights Strike?

The reasons behind getting a copyright strike are you copied someone’s content. So the first thing you need to do is avoid getting someone’s content. That could a video clip or music even a picture. But when you get a copyright strike you can contact the owner and ask them to remove the strike. Or if you are sure that it’s your original content you can submit a counter complain.

How To Get Copyrights Free Clips, Music And pictures?

How To Get Copyrights Free Clips, Music And pictures?

How To Get Copyrights Free Clips, Music And pictures?

The first mistake new YouTubers make is, they download images from google image search and don’t filter the usage of the right. So if you want to download copyright free images from google then the first filter them with commercial rights usage. Or you can use Pixabay or Pixels to get copyright free images and even video clips.

To download copyrights free music, youtube gives you an option to do that. First, go to the creator studio the click on create from the left section. Here you will find lots of free music to download and use.

download Youtube copyright free music

Youtube copyright free music

So that’s all you need to make a youtube channel and become a professional YouTuber if you still have some query then let me know down in the comments.


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