Small or big every business needs to promote its product, services, or brand name.  And to do that they hire graphic designers to do their job and although it’s ok for big business to invest money in making a promotional graphic design,

the small business doesn’t like to or invest that much amount of money on a banner. although there is an option to create a design by yourself,

many guys don’t know how to use the tools to design a marketing graphic template. And many people don’t have a laptop or desktop so don’t even consider making a graphic by themself an option.

Creating a promotional template is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter what type of promotional method you choose it, You Can Try Free QR Code Generator To Make QR Code For Your Business

it could be offline or online, and not only marketing designs, you can create a presentation, card, invitation, resume, social media designs, postcards, certificate, class schedule, etc.  With just the help of one tool. And the good news is you can do it on your smartphone too.

So let’s

 Create Social Media & Marketing Graphic

Step:-1 Getting Ready To Design

If you want to use your smartphone then first install the ” Canva” app from Google Play. Well if you have a pc then I prefer to use it because a bigger screen is useful for designing.

But no need to worry because you will get the same features for the android app. as on the desktop, First, go to your browser and then  visit”

Screenshot From Canva

Then sign up with your Google account and you will get various options that you want to design, as I mentioned above you can create many types of designs like logo, cover, post, banner, poster, etc.

and if you want to create a design with custom size, you can click on the “custom dimension” button to create a blank canvas with your desired height and width.

And all the other design temple is similar so if you learn to create the banner you can create a poster or any other design easily. For now, I am selecting the Youtube Thumbnail design.

Step:-2 Find a Template

Screenshot From Canva

After clicking on youtube Thumbnail design, you will find a blank canvas and the tools to design on your left side.

On top of the left panel, you will see the “templates” option. in this section, you will find ready-made templates, there are some free and premium templates among them.

The easy way to make a design is to use a template and then rewrite the texts and replace the photos and graphics with your desired one. Although this method is simple,

the temples are limited, so if you want to make designs, you have to use your brain to do it. Even though you will find a few ready-made templates,

all of these temples are beautiful and unique, Someone with little knowledge of design can easily go with these ready-made templets.

Screenshot From Canva

For example, let’s work with a cooking template.

Step:-3 Editing The Template 

Editing the template is also very simple. After selecting a template, you can edit the text and write your words by double-tapping on the text, then you can change the color of the text from  the upper section from the canvas,
First, double tap on the text then selects the word or character you want to change color. Then click “A” from the upper section of the canvas, now choose the color. In my case, I edited the word “Lunch” and change it to “Breakfast” and Change the color of the “Healthy”.

Screenshot From Canva

Then the part of changing the picture. To change the picture first double tap on the picture, then press the delete button from your keyboard or right-click from the mouse then click the delete option.

Now to apply a new image, You can upload it or choose a free online image, On the left section, you can see “Photos” tap on it and search for the image you want..I searched for food images. Click on the picture you like it will appear in your canvas.

If you see that the picture is not covering the entire canvas then drag those four white dots on the corner to match the canvas. you can also fix the positions of the image by double-tapping on the image.

Now editing is complete, all is left is to press the download button on the top right corner and voilà.

How To Create a Unique Design Without Using Templets?

To create a unique design in Canva, you need to learn about all the editing tools first, which is not that complicated if you used any software for photo editing or software like Microsoft words before.
 If you manage to use all the editing tools, you can find a variety of fonts and graphic elements for free and premium. In my opinion its the best free website for making Poster/Flyer/Cover/-Banner. And it’s simple.
If you have a unique design in your mind you can easily create it with Canva if you learn to use all the editing tools. And if you are wondering how many types of templates are available in then look at the picture below.

Screenshot From Canva

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