If you have the basic knowledge of the internet, creating a Facebook page by following some instructions is super easy. 

Although creating a page to boost your business, required some personal experience and experiments. First, 

You Should Know

Why A FB Page Can Boost For Your Business Growth & Revenue?

  1.  Even if you own a small shop/business, you can gain customers from broad areas. 
  2. If your product/service is unique and excellent, you will gain more popularity. 
  3. Based on your business performance, customers will be able to give an honest review.
  4. And good reviews will promote your brand/shop name. 
  5. Every review, good or bad, can give you a hint of what your customer wants.
  6. You can run ads on Facebook to promote your business more.
  7. people will be able to chat with your business, according to a survey being able to message help them feel more confident.
  8. If you are an E-commerce seller or sell digital products, then you must have a FB page.
And, trust me once you learn how to maintain your FB page, your business will grow faster. I will show you step by step,
 How you can create a Facebook page that can boost your business revenue and attract more customers.

Step-1: Design a Logo and cover 

This step is crucial for a Facebook business page. If you already have your business logo you can use it but make sure its resolution is square, or at least (400 x 400 pixels). 
Also, you need a Fb page cover (1640 x 924 Pixels), you can use any graphics designing tool you want, but if you never design anything, you can start with Canva.com.
It’s easy to create and download your graphic template, logo, any social media covers, from Canva.com.
And the good thing is if you are lacking any creative ideas you can use free templates.
Just choose any ready-made template and edit it with your business name and slogan, etc and that’s it.



Step-2: Create a Page

Creating a Facebook page is super easy. Login to your FB account from your PC and click on the +(create)  button on the top-right corner, and the hit page button.
Then enter your business’s name on the page name section. Remember if you wish to grow your brand awareness, then give the exact name of your business on the Facebook page.
Then, choose a category for your business, If you can’t find your business category in the list select categories that are related. you can select 2 or 3 categories.
After that, write a description of your business in 3 or 4 lines. here you can write if you provide any special product, offer or service and what’s unique about your business. 
Remember not to write something that’s not related to your business or any false offer to lure customers, that can ruin your business reputation. 
After that hit the Create Page button. then scroll down and Upload your business logo in the profile picture and cover photo and hit the save button. and your first step is done.

Step-3: Customize Your FB Page

Now that your Facebook page is created, you need to customize your page. 
FB Page about section


First,  fill it up with every detailed info about your business. On the page tab menu, click on more the hit the about button. 
In the about section, If you own a shop, you must add your shop’s location details on the Fb page. And if you don’t have a physical shop or offer services like a freelancer, 
Click on my page doesn’t have any location. Then enter all the details you can provide about your business-like. Business hours, price range, phone no, email, website, etc.
Create Username for facebook page


Then on the right of your Page logo, you will find the “Create @ username” option. A username will help people to find your FB page easily. Also, your FB will get a Unique custom URL.
If your business name is already taken as a username, You can add a word to get a unique username, For example, my Fb page name is “Dressup”, but this name is already taken so I used “Dressupprime”.
Now you have to add a button on your page, This button can really helpful for any business, You add any contact details or add setup online booking or appointments or set up a link to your website.   

Step-4: Edit Facebook Page Settings

Fb page settings button


On the left “Manage Page” menu section, click on “settings“.



  • General Settings 
On the General Settings, almost every setting should be the default, no need to changes there. 
But make sure Page visibility is published, and Post in multiple languages settings is on if you want to write posts beside English.
 If you don’t want visitors to post on your page then you can disable posts by other people on the Page from the Visitors Posts setting.



  • Messaging Settings
Facebook page message settings


In messaging settings, First, turn on the “show a greeting” option, This option shows a short message when someone tries to send a message on your FB page.
If you turn on these settings, You can see a default message, and you can change this greeting with your words. 
Next, you will get a messenger URL like “m.me/yourpage”, If you share or show this URL to customers they can contact you through messenger.
Setting Facebook page automated response


If you wish your customer to get an automated response when you are away, hit the “set up automated responses” setting 
then you can turn on “instant replay”, “away message”, and “frequently asked questions”.  The first two settings can help the customer when you are away, 
And frequently asked questions can satisfy any common queries that people have about your products or services. 
  • Templets And Tabs Settings
Tabs are the menu of your FB page and templates are how these tabs and sections are organized. 
Choosing a Template for Facebook page


First, click on the edit button on “current tabs”  and select a tab according to your business and then click ” Apply Template“.


Then in the tab section, you can turn on and off any tabs that are useless to your business, you can also drag and drop tab orders.
  • Page Roles Settings
In the page roles settings, you can add your staff to manage your Facebook page and assign roles to them.
In the “Assign a new Page role” setting search for the people you want to assign (Remember that person should be on your friend list). 
Page role settings


Once you find them chose the role from the right side and press the “Add” button. Only page admin can access and change every setting,
 Depending on the roles others get limited access to make changes. 
  • Connect Whatsapp Settings


Connect whatsapp settings


Almost on every smartphone, you can see WhatsApp installed, And it’s the easiest way to chat with someone. 
You can connect your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business account with Facebook. This setting can help your customers to message you on WhatsApp from your FB page.
Then, you can add a WhatsApp button on your FB page.

Step-5: Create posts

Creating posts can help your business grow. You have to post at least 4-5 times a week, that’s related to your business, products, or services.
You can post about any new or unique item, its quality, any offer. etc. just remember to post something unique or something helpful that no others provide.
Making and uploading videos about your product or services Is the best way to gain more customers. Always upload helpful content. 
Now your FB page is ready.

How Can I Boost My business with This Page?


1. Daily Checkup & Maintain

The first thing you must do is to check your page every day. To see if anyone posted on your page, or commented on any of your posts.
And replay to every comment good or bad. And even if someone commented trash about your business, don’t delete it, If they write something wrong or lie. just answer politely.
And if they are not satisfied with your product or service, apologize and learn what they want. 
Next, you must not post about something that’s not related to your business.
You may post jokes or images, quotes, once in a while  but it has to be related to what you are selling,
Next, after you posted at least 10 posts, invite all of your friends, and if they like and follow your page
your posts will reach them. Facebook’s content goes viral mainly because of the sharing function, You can get likes on your page’s posts but getting share need creative content. 

3. Get Reviews

That’s why you need to make something that at least related to your business and also people will love to share. And videos are great for sharing.  
And to get more reviews on your Facebook page, you need to generate and print a QR code of your Facebook page and show it in your shop.  You can use Qr code monkey & Canva to make it. Scan the QR code above, and check out.
And ask your customers to give an honest review of your business. You can also share your Facebook page link on messages to ask for a review. just copy and send the link below.
(Change the page name “your page” with your FB page username)

4. Use Ads to Promote 

All the options I mentioned above are free, but you need to spend money to promote your posts. It’s actually simple to promote your page posts using ads, you can select an audience.
 indifferent locations, different gender, age interests, etc. Even if you got money to promote your business I don’t recommend using Facebook ads from the start.
Your main focus should be creating posts, that people will love to share. And if you insist on running ads, I much prefer Google ads. It’s more effective than Facebook ads, especially on local businesses.

Final Thoughts: 

You can create an amazing Facebook business page by following the instruction above. But to grow your business you need to get good reviews. and to get reviews first reach customers with some amazing content. making videos of your product or services in an entertaining way is the best way to get more customers from Facebook.
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