Softwares are great for simplifying any tasks on your PC, and that’s why we need them and many software companies selling awesome software that everybody needs.

But there is not much free software out there that can compete with those premium Softwares, but there is still software that has free and best features as good as any Pro application

  • 10bit 
  • Kaspersky
  • Recuva
  • Proton
  • Greenshot

 #5. 10 Bit Uninstaller  


10 Bit Uninstaller is very useful for completely uninstalling any software from your PC. You may think there is no need for third-party software for uninstalling programs, 

But there is some software that doesn’t remove, even if you press the uninstall button. and especially if you installed software that affected by any virus.

Also, when you are uninstalling any software, It lefts a few files and data on your PC, These files don’t serve any purpose, But if you are uninstalling it through 10 bit,

 it will completely remove everything. and also 10 bit, creates a system restore points whenever you uninstall any software.

 uninstall UWP apps of win 10  

⊕ clean leftovers

⊕ create restore points, monitor installing

Premium features: Yes, 19.99$


Try  10bit


Rank #4. 10 Kaspersky Security Cloud


Kaspersky Security Cloud is an antivirus program, I recommend this software over any other free antivirus right now, cuz 
  • first, this software is lite does not require a high-end PC to run properly, it consumes 30% lesser resources compared to other antiviruses
  • second, I tested on a virtual windows 10 with some cracked software it’s detected and automatically blocked and remove every infected files. meaning its virus detection is top-notch
  •  third, it’s free for a year although, in the free plan you can’t activate all features, its free feature is more than enough to protect your pc
Kaspersky Security cloud is best for the common user who uses their pc to work or surf the internet or for editing/playing games etc. but if you often use net banking on your PC or do similar work like transferring funds etc then I recommend using a premium antivirus like Quick Heal. 
Free antivirus protects your files from the virus but there are many ways a hacker can gain your personal info, bank details. and to be honest no free services don’t offer that level of security, so better safe than 0 balance.


Rank #3: Recuva




This software is very powerful as well as useful. It can recover your deleted files from your hard drive. 


don’t know about you but I usually delete my useless files from my PC by clicking SHIFT+DEL, this shortcut doesn’t transfer your file to recycle bin your files will be permanently gone.

 of course, I do this knowing I never gonna miss you Mr file but sometimes accidents happen when deleting files in bulk so I had to install Recuva to recover my files. 

but of course, you cannot recover files from 7or 8 months ago it can recover recently deleted files as well as damaged or recently formated hard disks, 

and yes I recommend installing its small size so good to go with any kind of PC and its free version is more than enough.

Visit Site and Try Recuva


Rank 2: ProtonVPN




a VPN is very useful to protect your internet server, A VPN can protect you and your info in many ways but its main function is to hide your IP address, what that means is

many websites or apps can track and record your ip whenever you visit that site or app, And your Ip Address can reveal the location of your home or even some cases your live location. 

Not mentation hackers gain access or monitor your device’s activity. but using a hide that IP with another Ip, also you can access content on sites like youtube that is usually blocked in your country.

In the FREE plan of Proton VPN, you get 3 countries locations with 17 servers with a no-log policy, And that is enough to protect your IP no need to buy premium plans

Try Proton VPN

Hey, you also check more VPNs for Windows here: Best VPN For Windows


Rank 1: GreenShot


Greenshot is a simple and screen capture tool that allows you to edit the screenshot just the way you want. The greenshot  also make sure the quality of the screenshot is tp-notch with small size, of course by small size I don’t mean the aspect ratio. 
and no watermarks, many free screenshot software gives you a watermark which is not good if you are presenting that image to someone or uploading it online.
I recommend this for lightweight software also easy to use with all the essential editing options.
hey, there is a  bonus software or a manual process choose which you want.
CC cleaner: a software that deletes trash, cache, and unusable data generated by your pc or would you like to tweak few settings easily and give your pc a 30-40% performance boost manually and easily.


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