There are various tools, and free services available on the internet. But most people don’t even know their existence and so the surf illegal websites to find what they need.

For example, most people don’t money to pay for services like movies, songs, software, anime, etc. so they use illegal websites.

Althogh I agree that you can’t find everything for free, and you should pay and use legal online services. but  Many websites provide services for free and legally.

and you should definitely know these useful websites if you want free services.

 1./15)  Hdwallpapers.In

Everyone changes the wallpaper now and then. Most of the time we save images from the google image search and use it as wallpaper. 
I know google images can provide you lots of options from different sites to choose from and it’s easy to find an image that you desire. But when you save/download an image from Google image search,
 most of the time you will get a low-resolution image,  But on you can find not only Full HD wallpapers but also 4K and even 8K wallpapers for free.
 And you don’t even have to sign up to download any wallpapers, and there are lots of free images to choose from, divided into a variety of categories.
This site is for downloading PC wallpapers so if you want Smartphone wallpapers then you can visit


 2./15)  Gaana.Com

This website is very popular in India, Even though you may know this site it’s still on the list because it’s the best website if you want to listen to online music for free. specially Indian music.
 You don’t even have to sign up to listen to any free music. And not only almost every popular and new Indian song available but many international hits and English songs are available for free.
But if you are interested in only English songs you can visit “” there is a large collection of popular English music.

 3./15)  pixlr.Com

This website is what you need if you don’t wanna purchase software like Photoshop. It’s doesn’t have all the features like Photoshop, but it does have some advanced photo editing tools like a magic cutout, retouch, liqufy, etc.
This website has two editing software. 1) Pixlr E, 2) Pixlr X. Pixlr x is simple and can be used for simple editing like fixing pimple and dark marks from skin and adjusting the color, sharpening the image, cropping, etc.
and Pixlr X Can be used for more advanced editing. it has more advance and various selecting tools and many advanced features that can be used by professional editors.
 And the most amazing thing you can even edit and save 4K images for free.

 4./15)  Justwatch.Com

Just watch is a streaming guide, If you have a subscription to Netflix or amazon prime it will be a big help if you sign up in just watch, it’s free.
  If you have free time and if you already watched all the Series, movies you wanted to watch. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the content that meets your taste.
But if you join Justwatch, this website will recommend your tv series, movies based on your personal interest and you just have to click those posters and watch the trailers and see if you wanna watch it.

 5./15)  Crunchyroll.Com

Crunchyroll is a very popular website all around the world, especially for anime lovers. It is one of the largest legal anime watching sites.
You can almost watch any popular and new anime series on this site for free. But in many country’s you can’t access some animes, but still depending on which country you live in, you have lots of new animes to watch for free.
But if it’s still not enough, you can always pay and become a premium member, and you will have all the animes available for just 7.99$/month,
If you live in the USA you will find most of them available for free, but if you ask me 7.99$/mo is not a bad deal for hardcore anime fans.
There is an alternative website called “Animelab.Com” it does not work in India but it may work in your location so you can check.

 6./15)  Remove.Bg

The name of this site may sound weird, but it does the exact job that is called. This site removes any background from any images.
you may say what so special about removing the background. but this site removes background automatically when you upload the picture. you don’t even have to press any edit button.
Just click on the upload button and select the image and it’s done. I used this site from time to time and it does the job perfectly expect
for a few images that are hard to distinguish background from the foreground. But it works great on portrait photos and photos with a single object or person.

 7./15)  Zamzar.Com

This site is an all in one file converter. It’s pretty unique and awesome.  For various reasons, we sometimes need to convert files to other extensions.
The most common is Pdf to Docx file, Mp4 to Mp3, Jpg to Png, etc. Although there are different websites available for different types of files, Zamzar supports all the popular types of file extensions.
 You can convert image, video, audio, document files in one website. And no sign up required, just visit and upload the file and choose the file extension, you want to convert and press the convert now button.
then wait for a few seconds and you can download your converted file. The maximum upload limit is 50mb if you want to convert a larger file then that, you have to select a plan and pay.

 8./15)  Submit.Shutterstock.Com

Have a good camera or maybe a smartphone with a good camera? then you can start selling pictures and earn a good amount of money easily.
You just have to upload pictures and whenever somebody downloads your pics from this website you get paid, but don’t imagine that you can upload any random pictures and earn money.
Most users of Shuterlock are business owners and they only download pictures that they need. So if you want to earn some money, first research what type of images come out on the top when you search.
And capture & upload related pictures. And your pictures have to be at least 4 megapixels (2464 x 1632) in resolution.

 9./15)  Compressimage.Toolur.Com

This website comes in handy when you want to reduce any image’s size. And it works awesome. For example, if you upload a 3Mb image it can be reduced to 100 or 200kb without changing the resolution
Depending on the Image quality settings you can reduce more, And you can also change the image resolution. For example, you are uploading a picture to a site and its resolution limit is 1280*720
But your image’s resolution is higher then that, You can upload that picture to this site and first set image quality settings to 100%( If you don’t want to reduce quality)
then set W (wdth) to 1280 and press the “Compress Images” button and it will resize your image.


This site is for Indian users, you can watch many Bollywood, Hindi dub, and many movies and tv shows in other Indian languages for free, Also you don have to sign up to watch.
Not only that, but it also has some Indian  Live Tv channels for Free. Also, you can watch video songs, web series.
It’s like All in one free Indian entertainment website, You may think all of these services for free? it feels sketchy. But you can find out how they get paid
when you are watching any movies, shows from this site. Its advertisement. Just like on the Tv, you have to watch ads when watching free stuff.


This website is very useful for Indian students, And they should bookmark this site. You can check any Indian state and board exam results online from this site.
This is a government website, When you visit it, you can see the list of exams that are announced and yet to be announced.
When you click on an announced exam, you can check the score by filing details like Roll, no, birthday, school, etc.


If you love to read books, then you will be a fan of this website. It has 60,000 collections of e-books.
And you can read and download it completely free. Not even a sign-up is required. This site is filled with popular stories and literature e-books.
You can read the e-book online or there is an option to download it. But after downloading, you have to install an ebook reader software to read that file.

13./15)  Fog.Com

Fog stands for Free Online Games. And as it is named, you can play some interesting online games for free.
Even if you never played any online games, once you visit this site your hand will be itching to click the play buttons of some new games.
All I can say that this website provides simple but addictive games. So bookmark this website and visit in your free time, it’s fun.

14./15)  Sites.Google.Com

This website is useful for small business owners. You can create your own website with 3-4 pages. These days almost every business starting to promote its stuff online.
And a free webpage with your business address, contact info, and a tagged location on google map is very useful.
It’s a google service and completely free. Just visit and create a new site and add details about your business. And you will get a free website.
Although I said small business as an example. There are many ways anyone can use this site. If you are interested in making your own webpage then you should check it out.


Google trend is a very useful website for content creators. It can b a Youtuber or a blogger, it doesn’t matter.
Through this site, you can check the trending searches, analyze any search term or topic. And view the realtime data of top searches.
For the content creators, this site can help them to find a topic or subject for their next content. They can create content based on the current trending search query & topic.
You can also find trending searches in different countries.

Final Thoughts

I provided this list of useful websites by thinking of common people in mind, This list is not only for students, businessmen, or housewives.etc. In this list, I mainly focused on free and legal online services. Each site is Free so be sure to check and let me know if it’s useful for you.
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