If you have a smartphone, apps are essential to do various tasks easily.  Although some apps are very useful some apps can violate your privacy. If you don’t want to fill up your phone’s memory, then start using the website then apps, there are many apps that also have the exact features on their website like, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, etc. If you uninstall these apps it can save your storage, battery as well as privacy.

Now, let’s talk about 10 free apps that are very useful in your daily life.

1.) Antivirus & Security

Why Should I Use It?

Every smartphone should have at least one antivirus program, that keeps your smartphone safe from virus software and hackers.  Sometimes we install apps from different sources

And many of these sources do not examine for virus software, before listing them and when you install any app from them you may be installing a virus along with that app.

This is just one case there are different scenarios when you can accidentally install a virus. Like in my cases, I like to play games, so I installed many mods of these games, and they were fun to play until I installed an antivirus program and I found these mod games are containing malware, adware virus. I instantly removed those games.

I was lucky because I never used any online transactions on that phone or I didn’t have any of my ID card records. But be aware your personal info can be used as verification, so if a hacker found your info they can steal money.

And even if you don’t use money transactions on your phone or don’t have any ID cards. Hackers can access all your images and videos from your phone’s gallery and use it to blackmail you.

Which One Is Best?

Now you know how important it is to have an antivirus program. There are so many antiviruses you can find in Google Play, but Quick Heal is the best. I tried many antivirus programs but Quick Heal is the first to detect viruses from those games. you can install “Quick Heal” from your Playstore.

An antivirus app is mostly needed for those who transfer money online or purchase online stuff regularly, If anyone uses an online wallet, UPI they must have an antivirus app, And my recommendation is to purchase quick heal total security to protect your device and your money.

2.) Photo Editor

Whether you want to retouch your photo, create a banner or poster, you need a good photo editor app, Every android smartphone or at least new version of Android smartphones comes with a default photo editor,

this default editor is enough for few editing tasks but when it comes to professionally retouch your image, you can’t depend on this editor. Well I am not a professional editor but I used many editing apps from the play store and by my personal experience,

I suggest Google’s” Snapseed” and Adobe’s “Lightroom” is the best photo editor app. Google’s “Snapseed” will give you some of the basic and advanced editing tools like Curves, Brush, Double exposer, Healing, Selective, Lens blur, etc.

All the features I mentioned are really helpful for editors to edit like a pro and this app is definitely one of the best free photo editors because it has one hundred million installations and 4.5 ratting in the Google Play. And Adobe’s Lightroom also has similar features but it has various functions on color mixing.

3.) Video Editor

You can now use video editing advanced tools like desktop’s video editing software, in android, thanx to “Kine master video editor”. If you use this software carefully you can even make short films with high-quality effects, this is the best video editor for making short films, youtube videos, music videos.

depending on your mobile hardware, it can produce even 4k ultra HD quality videos with a high frame rate.  Some of this application’s advanced editing features are, audio mixing, volume envelope, voice change, multiple video layer, overlay,pre-designed text, chroma-key, blending, audio extraction, reverb, Equalizer, premium transitions, pan & zoom, clip graphics, etc.

Although you can use it for free you have to use it with their watermark, and you can remove the watermark by purchasing this app, and if you ask me its not a bad deal.

4.) Speed Booster App

In normal android phones, you don’t need a speed/ram booster app because your operating system fully controls your mobile’s ram. so even if you install a ram booster an app, you will notice it will free your ram for few seconds, and then all those background functions will start again and not only this app is useless but it also running in background so it’s not boosting ram but consuming.

But that doesn’t mean that ram booster app is useless in every device, normally now many devices come with default memory optimizer, all though it’s not very effective it does the job. And if you root your device then you will have various opportunities to speed up your device, but I don’t recommend it. because it will ruin your device warranty.

But for the rooted device, there is an app called Greenify, which works like a champ when it comes to speed up your device, you will notice a big change in your device if you use it.

5.) Cleaner App

When it comes to cleaning your storage, there are many apps available in the play store.  But newly launched Google Files is the champion. Because it’s not only clean all the junk files but arrange all other files like books in the library.

First of all, it has three main features, browses files, clean files, and share files. Which is a simple but effective way to maintain storage. When you clean your storage, you will have lots of sections to choose which junk you want to erase.

Like you can choose to delete your never used applications or delete from the large files or duplicate images, or some WhatsApp memes or videos, etc. this app has so many different ways to clean your storage.

6.) Archive APP

people use the archive app to bind all the files into one file. this method is useful when sending multiple files to another person, instead of sending those multiple files if you put all the files into an archive app, it will combine those file in a single file, and then you can send that file easily to anyone.

another use of this app is to archive old or unused files like photo, video, documents files, to save those files and have clean storage. And whenever you need those files you can unarchive that file with the archive app.

There are many archive apps available in the  google play, but the app called “RAR” is the best, in my opinion, you can compress any files into one file and many archive file extension is supported by this app and its free

7.) Backup App

The backup app is not useful for everyday tasks.  but even if you can’t use this app every day, it’s a critical app whenever you reset your phone or when you delete some important files accidentally. when you reset your android device your phone’s internal storage’s data may completely be wiped out (depending on your device ).

and you can lose your photo, videos, contact, SMS, apps & games, etc.  but if you create a backup of all the files and store it in your memory card, even if you delete everything in your internal storage you can just use that backup app to regain those files easily.

Because you don’t use this app every day you can use it whenever you need it like this. First, install this app from Google play and create a backup file of that backup app. and uninstall it, then whenever you need to back up your files just install the backup app from your memory card and uninstall it after creating a backup.

In my opinion “Super Backup & Restore” is the best free backup app on Google play.

8.) Document Scanner & Reader

document scanner and reader is a very useful app considering normally you need a laptop or desktop and scanner to read or scan any document. but now you can do that with your android device easily with just the help of a single app.

Depending on your device’s camera quality you can scan any document as good as a scanner device’s quality. after taking a shot from the scanner app you can adjust and crop the image matching the perfect size of your document and you can even highlight the document’s text with color filters and export your document as PDF or DOC file from that app.

Also, you can read any kind of document file with this application. This application is called “WPS OFFICE” it’s free to install and to scan and read documents, but there are also some features that require payment. but the free option is good enough for those tasks.

 9.) Translate & Transcribe

We don’t speak all the languages in the world, many people only know one or two languages and many people only can understand and speak other than their primary language but they don’t know how to read or write it.

but with a single app not only you can translate an unknown text, but also you can transcribe or even start a conversation with a foreigner, well not so fluently but you can understand what he saying with this app.

Another awesome feature of this app is to live translate. This feature is like some sci-fi tech, it can translate any foreign language live with your camera. when you open this feature just look into any text with your camera and it will automatically live-translate it instantly on your screen.

The app I am talking about is “Google Translate” its free and the best translator you can found on Google Play.

10.) Network Security (VPN)

VPN app is not necessary for everybody, but it is good to use a VPN app. I am saying this because those who use the network with cation don’t need a VPN app but VPN is not only used to secure your network but also it can prove a fake location of your network’s Ip address which allow you to unlock many website/ app services which are not available in your country. (it’s just a fact I am not promoting to use it like this because it may be illegal)

For those who browse unknown websites and applications. These sites/ app may steal some data or location when you visit those unknown sites or use unknown apps. but when you apply a VPN connection your network’s true identity is hidden from the public so you can browse safely without any fear of cyber attack or data’s safety

Also, it’s very useful when you are using a public wifi connection to surf the internet. normally if you are very serious about your device’s safety you can use premium VPNs. Although free VPNs don’t provide super security, free VPNs does the job quite well. You can use “Turbo Vpn” it proves a secure and fast connection..

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